PredictHQ's Beam

The automated correlation engine to quickly and accurately reveal the events that drive demand for your business.

Beam turns 72 days of work into 54 seconds

  • 1

    Impute values + check quality

    0.6 seconds vs. 2.5 days
  • 2

    Time-series decomposition

    48 seconds vs. 45 days
  • 3


    2 seconds vs. 7 days
  • 4


    1.5 seconds vs. 7 days
  • 5


    2 seconds vs. 10 days

The Input

Combine unstructured event data + transactional data

We convert unstructured, dynamic event data into a workable dataset, allowing Data Science teams to use our intelligent event data in machine learning models. We then combine and model our event data with your transactional demand data. This becomes the input for Beam.

Step 1: Impute values + check quality

Beam automatically detects missing values from your transactional data and imputes values using our advanced time series re-construction technologies. We then systematically check data quality with stationary attributes and rolling standard deviation.

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Step 2: Time-series decomposition

We decompose your time-series transactional data using IteSSA nonparametric machine learning algorithms to automatically detect weekly and monthly cyclicities, seasonal patterns, and long term and short term trends.

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Step 3 + 4: Detection

Anomaly Detection uses the patterns identified in step two, Beam automatically detects the positive anomalies in the transactional data based on the re-constructed demand patterns.

False-positive detection algorithms detect the positive anomalies which are not generated by attendance-based events and then adjust the incremental demand estimation.

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Step 5: Correlate demand

Beam uses the False Discovery Rate to calculate the strength of the incremental demand. First it segments all detected incremental demand into strong, medium, weak, and no impact. It then combines the detected incremental demand with attendance-based events impact and holiday events.

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The Output

Export the data and seamlessly integrate it into your prediction models

Beam has successfully correlated your transactional demand data with PredictHQ’s event data. You can now download the full results and use the results to train your demand forecasting models so you can predict future demand easily and accurately.


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