The Guide to Recapturing Revenue Post-Coronavirus

COVID-19 has caused massive changes to events but only a third were cancelled – 66% were postponed. This demonstrates the need to include events in disaster recovery plans, which will fuel business demand to recover as quickly as possible.

The tools you need to respond to COVID-19 and recover

The demand recovery process will be complex. Industries, countries and states will respond at different rates, so you’ll need to craft targeted recovery strategies for your company that are driven by reliable and constantly verified data. Events are demand catalysts - make sure you’re factoring them in.

Don't throw out your 2020 data

Data teams are rushing to solve for the large forecasting problems so refreshed data can be included in business continuity plans. Xuxu Wang, the Chief Data Officer at PredictHQ offers insight on how teams can train their models to learn from the COVID-19 anomaly.


Track rescheduled events and start taking action today

The coronavirus demand recovery is coming, but you’ll miss out on huge opportunities to recapture revenue if you aren’t preparing for it now. PredictHQ makes it easy to track events in Control Center so you can include events in your disaster recovery plans.


Customers are partnering with PredictHQ to recover

PredictHQ enables our customers to identify rescheduled events, include them in their models and plan better for the rebound. Our proprietary database of intelligent event data means businesses know the combined impact of event changes so they can prepare to meet demand as soon as it kicks in.

Create efficient business operations in unprecedented times

Are you part of a disaster recovery or business continuity team? Adding events as a feature to your models means you can prepare to meet increased demand once the curve starts to flatten.

Demand Forecasting

Businesses can train forecasting models to better plan for future business disruptions and make decisions faster.

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Dynamic Pricing

Transportation and mobility companies can determine when events are coming and adjust prices to leverage suppressed demand.

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Workforce Optimization

Retailers can optimize staffing schedules and have the right number of employees to ensure continuity of operations.

Workforce Optimisation

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