PredictHQ partners with Amadeus

Every month, airlines miss high impact events. Not any more. Our partnership with Amadeus means airlines can now predict and prepare for every relevant event’s impact on demand.

Event Monitoring - Know Every Event That Matters

Aviation Rank™ is powering Event Monitoring in the Amadeus Altéa Suite

Airline revenue analysts shouldn’t be losing hours googling for events and inevitably missing many. Access verified, relevant events directly with PredictHQ's Aviation Rank™, now in Altéa.

Aviation Rank™ empowers airline analysts

"Airline analysts have traditionally been swamped with data around events with little guidance on what to do with it. PredictHQ's Aviation Rank changes this, vastly empowering analysts to make simpler, quicker and smarter sense of the impact events have on demand - in turn enabling airlines to optimize inventory and boost revenue."

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benjamin-cany Benjamin Cany Head of Offer Optimization of Airlines at Amadeus

Aviation Rank™ empowers airline analysts

“Events are a key element in Revenue Management but are difficult to manage. Having PredictHQ integrated into Altéa via Event Monitoring helps Revenue Managers at SAS to anticipate demand spikes and gain more revenue.”

Erik Winter Senior Revenue Manager System

Aviation Rank™ empowers airline analysts

“PredictHQ integrated into Amadeus Altéa supports proactive and effificient revenue maximization when real-world events have impact on demand.”

Martins Simkuss Senior Revenue Management Systems
& Analytics Manager

Altéa Event Monitoring Overview

Event Monitoring gives airlines the ability to see key events coming up that drive flight demand. All customers who use Altéa and the Amadeus Retailing Platform will be able to take advantage of the integration immediately and will have access to both PredictHQ Rank™ and Aviation Rank™.

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How Aviation Rank™ works

Aviation Rank™ identifies which of PredictHQ’s millions of verified events will cause flight bookings. Powered by advanced machine learning models, it means airlines can predict and prepare for demand fluctuations.

PredictHQ how aviation rank works

Revenue managers should spend more time yielding

Manually finding and organizing events in spreadsheets is time-consuming and inevitably error-prone. Stop losing hours searching and get back to steering flights with PredictHQ’s demand intelligence.

PredictHQ scalable demand intelligence

Demand Intelligence in Altéa Inventory

Access to event visibility for your routes via Event Monitoring within Amadeus Altéa Inventory.

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Access real-world events driving demand

Events are major drivers for airline bookings. Know which events will cause them far in advance.

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Use the event data to suit your needs

Advanced filtering makes it easy to find the the highest impact events.

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Save time with enriched event data

Along with PredictHQ’s Rank™, Event Monitoring will include Aviation Rank™ and Recurring Events.

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