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I want to make live requests to find relevant events to display in my application.

Example: Showing where events are on a map based on different search filters.

I want to download and store events to use them for data modelling and analysing.

Example: Analysing whether there’s a correlation between events and demand for goods or services.

I want to download and store events to enrich my own data to produce and sell derivative work.

Example: Improving a client’s demand and forcasting revenue managment system by using events.

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Recommended Subscription

Event Search

This subscription allows you to

  • Make live requests to our server
  • Find relevant events
  • Search across the breadth of our data
  • Display events in your own application
  • Under this subscription, events cannot be stored i.e. retained for later use.
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Required Subscription

Data License

This subscription allows you to

  • Customise your plan's parameters
  • Store events for your own local copy
  • Perform data analysis and modelling
  • Use events to enrich your own dataset
  • Use our Data Exporter & Tableau Connector
  • Make requests to your own local copy
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Compare API Subscriptions

This table explains the key differences between our API Subscriptions.

Event Search

Data License

How requests are made Live requests to our servers Requests to own local copy or our servers
Request limit per month from 100k No limit
Rate limit (requests/min) from 1k rpm from 10k rpm
Event visibility Future event visibility only Custom (historic and future)
Maximum number of events returned per page / request 10 500
Maximum number of pages allowed 10 200
Developer plan available Yes Yes
Commercial use allowed Yes Yes
Display without attribution Talk to us Yes
Caching allowed Talk to us Yes
Priority support Talk to us Yes
Data Exporter and Tableau Data Connector use allowed No Yes
Storing, analysing or creating derivative works allowed No Yes
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Event Search

Data License

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