Correlate Real-World Event Data to Your Demand

Define trends, make reliable predictions and uncover your demand catalysts by correlating your data with PredictHQ's intelligent event data.


Correlate your data with our data

Finding correlation between events and demand is a foundational step for analysis such as demand forecasting and dynamic pricing. Businesses that know which events drive their demand are better prepared and make smarter strategic decisions.


Data correlation for events is dynamic and complex

Events vary in size and impact so correlating event data is complicated. There are many different types of events like conferences, expos, sports, festivals and concerts. Different types of events can impact different businesses in various ways. Plus events often change location and time, making the dataset particularly challenging.


Diving into the correlation process

  • collect

    Collect the Data

    Collect and integrate event data into existing dataset.
  • prepare

    Prepare the Data

    Transform your data so it matches the event data you’re correlating to.
  • transform

    Transform the Data

    Feature engineer the data.
    An iterative process, which will be accelerated by PredictHQ features.
  • line-chart

    Create Models

    Create models for verifying correlation and predicting future demand, evaluate them and
    fine tune.
  • checkmark

    Take Action

    Influence business decisions based on the patterns and demand spikes you

Correlation made easier with feature engineering

Transforming the data is typically the most time consuming and error-prone part of the process. Feature engineering raw data into features that better represent the underlying problem to predictive models results in improved model accuracy. Better features, means better results. We’ve built a set of key features to help you get the most out of PredictHQ event data and to correlate successfully. Learn more about Aggregate Event Impact, Local Rank™ and Radial Search.

Aggregate Event Impact

Because correlating your historical data to event data can be time consuming, PredictHQ does this for you. Our Aggregate Event Impact endpoint removes this friction by allowing you to more easily find the events that will have the biggest impact on your business.


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Legion relies on PredictHQ to help retailers
eliminate labor inefficiencies

“Don't underestimate how much effort it takes to work with event data...Being able to rely on a company whose sole purpose is to remove the ambiguity of event data has been game-changing for us."

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Thomas Joseph Head of Data Science at Legion Technologies

Hoteliers achieve an increase of 10% RevPar

“Hotels have a product with an expiration date. When you make the wrong decisions around a big event, that can cause thousands of dollars in missed revenue."

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Sven Blaurock Head of Product at HQ plus

Aviation Rank™ empowers airline analysts

“Airline analysts have traditionally been swamped with data around events with little guidance on what to do with it. PredictHQ's Aviation Rank changes this, vastly empowering analysts to make simpler, quicker and smarter sense of the impact events have on demand – in turn enabling airlines to optimize inventory and boost revenue."

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Benjamin Cany Head of Offer Optimization of Airlines at Amadeus

5x increase in revenue with PredictHQ

“With PredictHQ, we can now use their data and predicted impact to analyze and recommend prices for major events much more easily and accurately."

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Andrew Kitchell CEO and Founder of Wheelhouse

25% increase in customer sentiment

“PredictHQ has been a fantastic resource. They were able to help us uncover the impact of events, from sporting games, concerts and conferences to the effects of weather and political activity."

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Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal CEO and Founder

35% increase in conversions

“PredictHQ demonstrated that they could reveal insights better than we could guess with our manual alerts. They were instrumental in driving up conversion rates further than we could imagine.”

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Mark von Nagy CIO at Online Republic
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