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United KingdomAugust 11

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PredictHQ’s Event Categories

Our event categories explained

PredictHQ aggregates events from hundreds of sources to identify more than 20 million events worldwide. We then quantify the impact of each event with our unique ranking technologies. Here are our 16 (and counting) categories.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Events

Attendance is only one factor in predicting impact

Because a major sports game has a different kind of impact on business compared to say, a community fun run, PredictHQ has unique ranking models custom-built for each category. These factor in attendance and location of the event, time of year and transport options, as well as many other considerations.

Scheduled Events

Attendance-Based Events


Specialist data providers


Category-specific algorithms by PredictHQ


Easy to underestimate but key in perfect storms

  • sports


    star algorithm

    Games, matches, tournaments, marathons and more - sports events are often major drivers of demand. We cover all sports and have built tailored systems for verifying and enriching each sport type.

  • Conferences


    star algorithm

    From a hundred people to more than 100,000 - conferences are major drivers of people movement. They can be particularly tricky to track because many change cities or countries each time.

  • expos


    star algorithm

    Major events for educating the public or an industry. While many are international, we also cover national and state trade shows. Similar to conferences, these are hard to track as they often change location each time.

  • concerts


    star algorithm

    Anything from massive shows through to gigs with only a handful of people. This excludes music festivals which are covered by the festival category.

  • festivals


    star algorithm

    Multi-day, multi-performer events. We cover small local festivals all the way up to your major events of hundreds of thousands of people in remote locations. This category can also include large state fairs.

  • performing arts

    Performing Arts

    algorithm storm

    Plays, art exhibitions, dance performances and other creative events. Often smaller than concerts and sport games, these shouldn’t be ignored as they are often key contributors to perfect storms of demand.

  • community


    algorithm storm

    Fetes, fun runs, farmers markets and many other kinds of events. This category includes a wide range of events. Similar to performing arts, these often play key roles in high-impact clusters of events.

Non-Attendance-Based Events

  • public-holidays

    Public Holidays

    algorithm storm

    Public holidays differ by country, state and even city. Staying on top of all of them is challenging but essential as they have significant demand impact.

  • school-holidays

    School Holidays

    algorithm storm

    Dates differ slightly in different states and cities, as well as globally. These can have massive influence on demand and are all ranked as major impact.

  • observances


    star algorithm storm

    Religious events can transform demand in whole regions significantly. They are hard to track thoroughly given the multitude of religions and sects.

  • performing arts


    algorithm storm

    Less common but high impact, elections, rallies and key events such as inaugurations, need to be factored into plans.

  • daylight-savings

    Daylight Savings


    Simple but important. We track daylight savings globally.

Unscheduled Events

Live Events Updated Every Minute

We track a range of unscheduled events to ensure our customers have the earliest possible notification of demand anomalies. These are similar to non-attendance events in their impact.

  • airport-delays

    Airport delays

    Minor and major, these can alter demand in a range of ways. We track these globally.

  • severe-weather

    Severe Weather

    Heavy rain, strong winds, tornado season - be aware of severe weather events globally.

  • disasters


    Floods, droughts, tsunamis and more. We update these regularly as they evolve.

  • Terror Attacks

    Terror Attacks

    We cover breaking terror attacks in 30,000 cities.

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